Maurice: The Adult Lie

E.M. Forster’s Maurice deals with how homosexuality is dealt with in the early 20th century. Certain social roles are constructed and lied about in society.

Adults often tell lies, we even have a tradition of it by telling our children a man in a red suit delivers gifts if they are good. Sometimes they are noble lies but often they are lies told out of protection and fear.

We’ve been taught to fear discussing sex and understand our biology but not pleasure and consent.We discuss biology in school but not a clear understanding of consent and have fear embedded into us about the porn industry even though it is common and very accessible.

Consent is something that needs to be continually given, in the early 20th century it was very hard to understand consent from someone if you were gay or questioning. Maurice and Clive have an understanding or think they do but they are both at risk from the law when Maurice goes to Clive’s room and kisses him awake and Clive says “Maurice, I love you.” Just as later seen with Risley who spends time in jail for an “immorality charge.”

There wasn’t a social space for homosexual men to speak freely together. Even though today you can are more readily able to find like-minded homosexual men there is a binary system of a family hetreosexual archetype to fit into in this powerful patriarchal world.

There are children being raised by two women and two men but system of marriage is not set up for a homosexual family structure. For example women are still paid less than men so there is a disadvantage to a lesbian relationship while trying to raise a child. Also sooner or later the child will need a father or mother figure in their lives.

An Ad campaign that embeds a traditional marriage arrangement that is ever-moving as stagnant water. That is not to say that there needs to be a disregard for same-sex marriage and families it is that the system needs to change to allow it.

For example, my sister works with a gay man who is helping raise his lesbian friends child because they live together. The mother has a girlfriend but my sisters co-worker acts as a male figure in this young girls life.

Heteronormativity has also constructs a stereotype of the homosexual social space with ‘Gay best friend’s’ in that because they like the same-sex they will get along.

Along with the stereotype of gay men dressing well and having limp wrists of effeminacy. They are allowed freely in their social spheres but still have the judgement and rules of a heteronormative society



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